Dave Joyce

Designer & Web Developer

Hello, I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my wife and 4 kids. I enjoy working with complex concepts to present them in a simple, clean, and approachable way. The best design is supported by exceptional content design shouldn’t get in the way but support the user experience engaging with that content. I’m also proficient in the underlying front-end architecture of html and css as well as building sites in the Craft CMS.

Illumina — I worked as a contractor for Illumina to help them on a project to redesign their existing site with a whole new brand design language. Starting from the front page down to grandchild pages the goal was to create a visual approach that works well on a high level and extends all the way through the site. Keep the content the main thing and support it with engaging visuals and clean layouts.

UI  /   Figma  /   Graphic Design  /   Branding  /   Responsive


Vignette Creative — Vignette is a creative agency focused on producing beautifully crafted stories through motion, stills, and new media. I've had the distinct privilege of working with Vignette since it's founding in 2011. This design was focused on presenting Vignette's work through a clean interface that lets the work really showcase itself. I also developed a distinct brand for the company built to stand the test of time.

UX  /   UI  /   Graphic Design  /   Branding  /   Logo Design  /   Copy  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS  /   Responsive


AdaCore — I worked with AdaCore over the course of 15 years, working with them on their branding, high-level messaging, graphic design needs, collateral, product design, corporate website design/copy and backend content management infrastructure. I helped to establish them as a top tier worldwide company and a standard for safe, reliable, and secure software development.

UX  /   UI  /   Graphic Design  /   Branding  /   Logo Design  /   Copy  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS  /   Responsive


Vantari Genetics — Vantari needed a complete brand overhaul and presentation as a legitimate, totally not a scam, legit company. And boy did we do some good work to make them look like that. The owner totally didn't land up in prison. I worked on a completely new logo design

Design  /   Logo Design  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS  /   Responsive


SeaShare — SeaShare is an innovative non-profit organization with the goal of reducing waste of bycatch in the fishing industry and donating it to charity. I worked on a complete overhaul of their website, and put a Stripe payment processor on the site for a seamless donating experience.

Design  /   Stripe Payment Setup  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS


Indigo — Indigo is an architecture firm oriented around creating spaces for human experiences and a life well-lived. The website was designed as a platform to showcase those stories and Indigo's work through visual storytelling. Content is king, and this site was built to showcase high quality visual storytelling.

Design  /   Logo Design  /   Branding  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS  /   Responsive


The Conversation of Art — The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art was looking for an interactive and engaging promotion microsite that would document the construction of the museum and provide a monthly, routine engaging process about the value of art. There was a staged rollout over several months where locals on the island could weigh in on a variety of art related discussions. Combined with one on one interviews with locals on the island, the site was a place for people to contribute to the conversation around Art and what it means to them.

Design  /   Logo Design  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS


Colliers — Colliers wanted to create a digital magazine experience for its employees. Inside Colliers was built as a platform for building a monthly online digital and responsive newsletter experience, with rich and interactive content. In it's second issue the site was expanded to include multi-site translations and detailed analytics.

Design  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Craft CMS


Pathwise — Pathwise is a leadership training organization. The site design was a pioneering effort in responsive design and the minimalistic design approach was built to stand the test of time.

Design  /   HTML  /   CSS  /   JS  /   Responsive


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